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“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

1 Peter 4:10

Adult Faith Formation

The Adult Faith Formation Committee, chaired by Mary Lee Sulkowski, actively plans a variety of programs that address the needs of our adult faith community. Given that there is a wide range of ages in the adult faith community, it is important to focus on topics that are of particular interest to the various age groups. Programs have included Bible Study, Church on Fire: Stay With Us! Lecture and Concert Series; Lectures, Talks and Discussion Programs; and Retreats and Parish Missions.

Building & Grounds

Blessed Sacrament Parish Viability
The mission of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, chaired by Peter Russo, is to be good stewards of Blessed Sacrament Church’s real property by providing expert technical direction for, and oversight of, the operation, maintenance, improvement, repair, use and re-use, safety, and security of said property. Fundamental to this mission is the preservation and enhancement of our historic properties in ways that maximize long-term value and celebrate the legacy of our Parish..

Family Faith Formation

The Family Faith Formation Committee works with the Director of Religious Education, Maureen Myers, to plan and implement a variety of programs, activities, and service projects throughout the year. Religious Education is offered to the children of the Parish. Sacramental Preparation for Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation is also done each year.

Finance Council

Blessed Sacrament Parish Viability

The Finance Council assists the pastor in administering the material resources and funds of the parish. They provide sound financial advice regarding budget, accurate accounting, and compliance with diocesan policies and procedures. The Committee assists the pastor in formulating and managing the parish budget. This group monitors expenditures and may also be asked to assist in various aspects of facility management and fundraising. The Finance Council is the one committee that is required by Canon Law. The two Trustees of the Parish are members of the Finance Committee. The Finance Council, chaired by Patrick Flaherty, meets quarterly. Parishioners who have a background in accounting procedures, relevant laws, fundraising, investment, and other related business skills are encouraged to express their interest in joining the committee.


The Liturgy Committee plans the holy day Masses and decorates the church space for Holidays as well. Music is an important component of the Mass experience. The committee collaborates with our Music Director/Organist to pick out hymns relevant to the Mass and liturgical seasons. The Liturgy Committee collaborates with the Family Faith Formation Committee to plan liturgies for the children; and collaborates with the Adult Faith Formation Committee on Taizé Prayer Services.

Marketing, Communications, & Memberships

The Marketing, Communications, and Membership Committee (MCM), chaired by Michael Pitek, is focused on three specific areas and goals:

Marketing: Shaping the community’s perception and awareness of who we are and what we do to build participation and relationship with others;

Communications: Delivering our message and receiving feedback on it through a variety of platforms: print, digital, email, social media, video, etc.;

Membership: Focusing on growing and retaining our parish community, especially reaching out to the Elmwood Village.

The Committee meets on the first Monday of the month. Parishioners with skills and talent in Social Media, Graphic Design, Public Relations, and Marketing are needed. Enthusiastic young people are especially needed and welcomed.


The Outreach Committee, chaired by Anne Harrington, focuses on building bridges to individuals and communities in need through service and advocacy. There are two components:

InReach: programs that are designed for our own parishioners
OutReach: programs targeted to people outside our parish

There are a wide variety of programs that we could be involved in as a parish community. Review the special Outreach Activities that

Parish Pastoral Council


The Parish Pastoral Council provides consultation to the pastor by prayerfully discerning parish needs, setting pastoral priorities, and empowering people to participate in the mission of Christ.

Membership on the Council is comprised of all chairpersons of the Standing Committees and At-Large Members. Ex-Officio members include the Pastor, Deacon, Lay Trustees, and the Director of Religious Education. Terms of office for At-Large Members are one and two year terms.

Eligibility requirements to be considered for appointment to the Parish Pastoral Council are as follows: any baptized Catholic who is registered with Blessed Sacrament Parish and who is active in support of the parish, supportive of Church teaching, and open to prayer, study and dialogue. New members are appointed during the annual June meeting. Other appointments can be made by the pastor as needed throughout the year. Interested parishioners should contact Michael Pitek, President of the Council..

Parish Life

Blessed sacrament Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee, co-chaired by Cathy Jones and Barbara Bielecki, works to create a sense of belonging to a faith-based community by sponsoring activities that encourage interactions on social, liturgical and spiritual levels. The Social Experience gives the individual the opportunity to develop relationships with others. The Liturgical Experience provides an opportunity to experience public worship individually and communally. The Spiritual Experience gives the individual the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with God.

Please refer to the Parish Life Ministry page for more details

Peace & Justice

The Peace and Justice Committee works within the framework of Catholic Social Teaching to (1) Educate about social justice issues such as immigration, racism, criminal justice, housing, and faithful citizenship through learning sessions; speakers; and publication of JUST News; (2) Advocate for change in systems and practices which are barriers to social justice through partnership with VOICE-Buffalo and the Buffalo Immigration Committee (BILT) and (3) Outreach to those in the greater community who need assistance through the monthly food collection for the Food for All pantry and the Angel Tree Project. The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Volunteers are welcome to join. Kathleen McCarthy is the chairperson of the Committee.

The School (Catholic Academy of West Buffalo)

Blessed Sacrament the school

The School Committee, chaired by Hadley Horrigan, seeks to build a stronger relationship between Blessed Sacrament Parish and the Catholic Academy of West Buffalo (CAWB), a private, regional Catholic school (Pre-K through 8) through liturgical, sacramental, and extracurricular athletic and cultural programming. Catholic Academy is operated solely under the auspices and authority of the Diocese of Buffalo. The school building and grounds are owned by Blessed Sacrament Church.