Liturgical engagement is celebrating Christ’s presence through full spirited worship and joyful praise. Four major components contribute to Liturgical Engagement: Liturgical Ministries, Music, Ambiance, and Style.

Ministers of the Word or Lectors are selected to proclaim the scripture readings and to lead the congregation in response. Any confirmed member of the parish may volunteer for training as a lector by contacting the pastor.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion during the celebration of the Mass. Ministers may also bring the Eucharist to our parishioners who are homebound. Interested applicants must meet the following Diocesan guidelines: “mature Catholics respected in the Parish community who are noted for their devotion to the Eucharist and their service to the parish”. Accepted applicants are required to complete a short course of study after selection by the pastor.

Ushers assist in the seating of parishioners and visitors at our weekend liturgies and help direct parishioners and visitors towards restrooms or any other location in the church that may be requested. Ushers also select people to carry up the gifts and receive the collections at Mass.

Greeters assist in the welcoming of parishioners and visitors to the church and distribution of the parish bulletin. Adults and youth of all ages may act as greeters.

Altar Servers assist at the altar during the celebration of the Mass and during other liturgical functions. Volunteers are accepted from youth who have celebrated their First Eucharist. Training must be completed to participate in this ministry.

Cantors and Choir Members lead the congregation in music during the liturgy. Blessed Sacrament encourages the full participation from the assembly by providing effective musical leadership. We welcome new members at any time. Please offer your musical talents to God and our Parish!


Parish Leadership

The goal of the Parish Leadership Committee is to develop effective leadership for the parish. This includes the religious and lay men and women, paid staff, and volunteers who provide direction in all aspects of the parish’ organization and functions.


Parish Membership

The goal of the Parish Membership Committee is to welcome new members to the parish and actively reach out to visitors to become members of the parish and participate in parish activities.


Finance Committee

The goal of the Finance Committee is to manage the finances of the parish, budget for the needs of the parish, and support new fundraising activities. This committee assists the Pastor by advising in matters of income and expenditure of funds, and in providing for an efficient, accurate system of reporting, recording, and accounting. The Finance Committee also reviews and monitors the parish’s capital expenditures. Parishioners from the legal, business and financial professions are especially helpful on this committee and are appointed by the Pastor.


Lifelong Faith Formation

The goal of the Religious & Faith Formation Committee is to develop and enrich the Catholic faith in our parish community through life-long learning. This includes developing programs that appropriately engage all age groups, including infants, toddlers, pre-school, elementary, tweens, teens, young adults, and adults. These programs range from play-dates in our church playground, a special Children’s Liturgy of the Word at Mass, Religious Education, sacramental preparation, days of reflection, and parish missions. To enroll or participate in these programs, please contact the Parish Office or contact our Director of Religious & Faith Formation, Maureen Myers.


Parish Experience

The Parish Experience Committee works towards establishing a strong sense of community in our parish by creating opportunities for social interaction. These experiences allow opportunities for individuals to develop relationships with each other, and ultimately develop a deeper relationship with God.


Marketing & Communications

The goal of the Marketing & Communications Committee is to actively deliver the parish’s message to the community to promote awareness of our parish and the numerous happenings occurring at the church, including liturgical, spiritual, and social events.



The Outreach Committee seeks to build bridges to individuals and communities in need through service by establishing outreach programs and partnering with existing programs that reflect the real needs of our communities.

St. Vincent De Paul Society: The primary function of the St. Vincent De Paul Society is to respond to all types of human need on a person-to-person basis. Members are asked to attend our monthly meetings which are currently held the first Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the rectory. The main project of our conference is temporary assistance to those in need and support of the St. Vincent De Paul dining room. Training is obtained through experimental participation. Please join us!!


Peace & Justice

Our Peace & Justice Committee works to address the challenges that affect the work of justice in our community. The values of our church teachings are the pattern that directs our efforts to work for peach and justice. We are currently involved in efforts to collect food for the poor, sponsoring talks at out parish that deal with peace, and justice issues and working with VOICE Buffalo. Please join us at our meetings which are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in our rectory.



The goal of the School Committee is to create a dynamic level of engagement and connectivity between Blessed Sacrament and the regional school it supports, the Catholic Academy of West Buffalo. The committee develops an open communication channels between the parish and the school for the purpose of promoting each other activities, and create an awareness of the needs of each community and areas where help can be provided.