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“Church on Fire Lecture: St. Vincent dePaul: Then and Today – Ecclesiastical Reform

March 5, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
Blessed Sacrament Church
1029 Delaware Avenue Buffalo NY 14209
Michael Pitek

This is the 1st event in the Catherine M. and Paul W. Beltz Lecture Series entitled “Church on Fire-Stay with Us”

Rev. Aidan Rooney, CM, Vice-President for Mission, Niagara University will talk about St. Vincent’s first mission, clergy reform and a re-orientation of the hierarchy in France.  He will explore the implications of Vincent’s work and will address how relevant his mission is to our Church today.

February 17, 2020 | | 2

2 Responses to “Church on Fire Lecture: St. Vincent dePaul: Then and Today – Ecclesiastical Reform

  1. Nancy A Luczak says:

    Do I need a ticket for lectures I’m having problems with my phone.

    • catholic says:

      We are asking people to register in order to know how many persons plan to come. I will find out if one has to actually have a ticket after registering. I will get back directly to your email.

      Kathleen McCarthy
      Committee Member\

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